West Kowloon Sewage Treatment Plant, Hong Kong



Fiberglass Grating Project Information:

When the Drainage Service Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (DSD of HKSAR) needed to upgrade their West Kowloon Sewage Treatment Plant, they turned to Tak Ho Engineering, American Grating’s Technical Representative in Hong Kong. Their issues were several: 1) the existing structure was corroding and becoming a maintenance issue 2) they were replacing some equipment with newer equipment 3) they had to install the new platform while keeping the Plant online and 4) due to the congestion in the area, heavy lifting equipment would be difficult, if not impossible to maneuver. Tak Ho convinced the Owner that all their concerns were best answered with a light weight, corrosion resistant fiberglass structure.

This 17’ tall, two level, 800 square foot L-shaped structure proved to be quite a challenge. Tak Ho worked closely with the Owner and took all field measurements. Once drawings were completed based on field measurements, final field measurements were incorporated into the drawings to be certain that existing equipment, conveyors, dumpsters, etc. were clear of the new FRP structure.

Once on site, the columns had to be erected first.  Although 17’ tall, they weighed only 110 lbs each.  This allowed Tak Ho to use the building overhead crane for setting. The platforms, gratings and handrails then easily followed behind.

Besides supporting the conveyor systems, the platforms were to also allow worker maintenance access to screw conveyors, pumps, motors, discharge valves, etc. which will greatly improve worker efficiency.  The new platforms were designed to be accessed from exiting steel structures, which may also be replaced in the future.

Due to the inherent lightweight of FRP structural systems, it’s important to note that erection of the structure took 4 workers 10 days. This included temporarily supporting equipment, removing structure and installing the FRP columns.  Once this was accomplished, it only took 2 workers 4 days to install the remaining beams, grating and handrail.

Products in the fabrication used an Isophthalic Polyester, Fire Retardant Resin System and included:

W8x8x3/8 Columns, W4x1/4 Struts

C10x3/8, C8x3/8 & C6x1/4 Channels

Various size Structural Angles for Bracing

1-1/2” deep x 1-1/2” Square Mesh Grating with 1/8” Plate Cover

AmeriRail Guardrailing

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