City of Lewisville, Texas



Fiberglass Grating Project Information:

American Grating was contacted by the City of Lewisville about their need to rehabilitate two 8’ wide x 74’ long arched steel park pedestrian bridges with 2” x 12” timber decks. After 8 or 9 years of service, the decks were rotting away and creating potential trip hazards. We followed up with Randy Johnson, ADA Compliance Officer for the City. While visiting with Mr.Johnson, he also discussed an existing, little used, fishing dock structure near the Grapevine, Texas Dam, provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The City, with permission from TP&W, was in the process of relocating the dock to a bass-stocked water retention pond near the Trinity River and inside the much utilized Railroad Park Sports Complex.

American Grating provided design assistance and fiberglass grating product suggestions to meet both ADA Compliance and small vehicle capacity for the bridges, utilizing 2” Deep / 33% Open Pultruded T-Bar FRP Grating. For the public accessed fishing dock system, American Grating’s pedestrian rated 1 1/2” deep x 17% Open T-Bar Pultruded FRP Grating was the most cost effective solution.

The Railroad Park Fishing Dock has received rave reviews from the recreational fishermen and women for extreme comfort on the feet (enhanced by a sugar-fine barefoot grit) and the close spacing of the fiberglass grating load bars.

  • Railroad Park Entrance in Lewisville Texas
  • Railroad Park Dock in Lewisville Texas
  • Railroad Park Dock Bench in Lewisville Texas
  • Railroad Park Dock in Lewisville Texas
  • Railroad Park Pultruded Fiberglass Grating on Dock in Lewisville Texas
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