City of San Bernadino, California


Fiberglass Grating Project Information:

The City of San Bernadino required a fiberglass grating staircase to access the roof in one of their facilities that was slip and corrosion resistant. A complete staircase manufactured out of fiberglass grating and structures was determined to be the best solution, as a ladder would not allow the maintenance workers to carry materials up and down. American Grating’s 1 1/2” Deep x 1 1/2” Square Mesh Molded FRP Grating was used for the stair treads and the landings, supported by American Grating’s 8" x 2 3/16" x 3/8” FRP Channel, with a 2” Square Tube guardrail attached. All FRP materials were specified light grey to match the color of the building.

  • City of San Bernadino Light Gray Fiberglass Staircase
  • City of San Bernadino Light Gray Fiberglass Staircase showing top and bottom access
  • City of San Bernadino Light Gray Staircase Stair Treads
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