Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works - Ma Liu Shui, Sha Tin, Hong Kong


Fiberglass Grating Project Information:

Our Hong Kong Representative, Tak Ho Engineering LTD., received a call from DSD of HKSAR that Sha Tin needed a 2-level access to a vertical vessel. Trouble was, it was in a pipe laden, congested location. (Picture 1). Tak Ho Engineering went to the tank location, took measurements and photos and worked closely with American Grating, LLC engineering to develop the solution.

American Grating designed and fabricated the platform system and shipped it to Hong Kong. Tak Ho’s group took over and assembled the structure on the ground. The platform system was then lifted it into place, carefully avoiding the piping, control panels, cable trays and other obstacles.

Materials Used:

1-1/2” deep x 1-1/2” Square mesh Grating

C8x3/8 & C10x3/8 Channels

W6x1/4 Columns

Various size Structural Angles for Clip Angles & Bracing

All products were UV coated as requested by the Client for this outdoor platform

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