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V Vinyl Ester Superior Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant Excellent Class 1, 25 or Less Molded & Pultruded Dark Gray 200 F
I Isophthalic Polyester Industrial Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant Very Good Class 1, 25 or Less Molded & Pultruded Green, Yellow, Light Gray 150 F
F Isophthalic Polyester Food Grade Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant Very Good Class 1, 25 or Less Molded Light Gray 150 F
GP General Purpose Moderate Corrosion Resistance and Fire Retardant Moderate Class 1, 25 or Less Molded Green, Light Gray 150 F
XFR Isophthalic Polyester Extra Fire Retardant and Moderate Corrosion Resistance Moderate Class 1, 10or Less Molded Reddish-Brown 150 F
P Phenolic Low Smoke and Superior Fire Resistance Very Good Class 1, 5 or Less Molded & Pultruded Reddish-Brown 300 F


VINYL ESTER (Type V): Developed to withstand frequent and direct contact in the harshest of chemical environments. Type V is ideal for use in acidic and caustic environments, such as chemical plants, waste water treatment and plating applications.

 ISOPHTHALIC POLYESTER (Type I): An industrial grade resin great for environments where grating may occasionally be in contact with harsh chemicals due to splashes or spills.

 FOOD GRADE ISOPHTHALIC POLYESTER (Type F): Ideal for environments in the foof and beverage industry where grating may frequently be wet or exposed to harsh cleaning products.

GENERAL PURPOSE POLYESTER (Type GP): A lower cost resin ideal for environments such as food processing plants and dairies,

EXTRA FIRE RETARDANT ISOPHTHALIC POLYESTER (Type XFR): Offering an added level of fire safety for critical areas where welding or sparking equipment is used or anywhere with increased fire potential.

PHENOLIC (Type P): Best choice for applications where fire resistance, low smoke and low toxic fume emissions are critical such as oil refineries, tunnels, ships and train decks.

COLOR SELECTION: Standard grating colors are Green, Yellow, Light & Dark Gray and Reddish-Brown. Custom colors are available on request for an additional charge using the RAL Color Chart.

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